Exchange – Application log generated Error Event 9325

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This post is a followup on my previous post for “EXCHANGE – APPLICATION LOG GENERATED WARNING EVENT 9327

Sample Event:
Log: Application
Type: Error

Event: 9325

Alert Time: 2017-01-23 05:09:00Z

Event Time: 11:08:31 AM 23-Jan-2017 UTC

Source: MSExchangeSA

Category: OAL Generator

Username: N/A

Computer: exch.itfellas.internal

Description: OABGen will skip user entry ””architel_test”” in address list ””\Global Address List”” because the SMTP address ”””” is invalid.

– \Default Offline Address List

This event specifies what account was skipped when Exchange tried to generate the OAB List. Most of the time, this happens when the account specified was created from a copy of an AD object that has a mailbox, during this process some of the exchange attributes were copied over causing the object to qualify for the OAB list, but as Exchange tried to add the SMTP value of the object it could not find it because the object is not mail enabled or does not have a valid smtp address.

The easiest way to fix this is to

  1. Create a mailbox for a mentioned user in the event.
  2. Disable the mailbox.

This will force a cleanup of the exchange associated attributes for the exchange object.

Exchange – Application log generated Warning Event 9327

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This post explains how to deal with the Exchange event 9327. This usually happens when a newly created account was copied from a mailbox enabled user or mail contact enabled user, where some of the exchange fields were copied over on the new account. When the OALGen task ran, it will query all exchange qualified objects objects but OALGen is not smart enough to determine if an object has mailbox connected or if the SMTP attribute of the qualified object was populated with a valid smtp address.

See Sample Event:
Log: Application
Type: Warning
Event: 9327
Alert Time: 2017-01-24 02:05:21Z
Event Time: 08:04:31 AM 24-Jan-2017 UTC
Source: MSExchangeSA
Category: OAL Generator
Username: N/A
Computer: exch.itfellas.internal

Description: OALGen skipped some entries in the offline address list ””\Global Address List””. To see which entries are affected, event logging for the OAL Generator must be set to at least medium.

– \Default Offline Address List

This error code does not provide a detailed enough message for us to identify what user or object in the AD was skipped for the OAB generation. For us to be able to identify the object in the next occurrence of OAB generation, we must adjust the diagnostic logging of the exchange server that holds the Mailbox Role.

  1. Open Exchange MMC
  2.  Server Configuration > Mailbox > Right click the server > Select “Manage Diagnostic Logging Properties” > MSExchangeSA > OAL Generator
  3. Adjust Logging to Medium

The next time Exchange will generate the OAB list, it will be able to identify the specific object that was skipped in the OAB Generation. Event should look like  Application log generated Error Event 9325