Syncing Google Drive and OneDrive in Windows 7

Hello and Good day, this post will provide you a step by step process on how to synchronize Google Drive and SkyDrive from your computer.

So first of all, why do we want to do this?

  1. To provide more than one store point for your files online.
  2. and because we can… Smile

Let me just remind you that there is no easy way to do this and the steps provided in this blog post are work a rounds.

If you already have your SkyDrive and Google Drive agent signed in and running, you will need to unlink (in SkyDrive) or Disconnect account (in Google Drive) and centralize them in one location.

Phase 1 – Unlinking and Disconnecting your account from the Google Drive and SkyDrive.

  1. Open up the preference settings in your Google Drive agent application.
  2. Click Disconnect account button. (This will stop the synchronization of your default Google drive directory to your Google drive online storage, you will not loose your file in Google Drive). A word of advise, ensure that the files in your Google Drive (local directory) are synchronized to your Google Drive Online Storage, before deciding to disconnect your account.
  3. Open up the Settings window of your SkyDrive agent application.
  4. Click on the Unlink button.

Phase 2 – Signing in to SkyDrive and Google Drive and setting them up with a single Directory to synchronize your SkyDrive and Google Drive online Storage.
Note: Before you start syncing your account, I advice you to empty both your Google Drive and OneDrive account by downloading the copies of your Google Drive and OneDrive and then deleting the online copies.

It is important to know that you must do the steps here as they are laid out.

  1. Create a folder that will contain the files from Google Drive and SkyDrive (in my case, this is “C:\Online Storage\OneDrive”.
    Note: It is important to know that the OneDrive folder must exist, because OneDrive will require this folder when setting up OneDrive.
  2. Open/Sign in from the Google Drive agent application.
  3. Then traverse into the setup wizard until you reached the “You’re all set” phase, then click Advance setup. A similar window should then appear. Then Click the Change button to setup the destination of the local copies of your Google Drive account.
  4. Then click the Start Sync button and let the synchronization complete.
  5. Open/Sign in to OneDrive using the client agent application.
  6. You will be redirected to a sign in page after you click ‘Get Started’. Sign in and click Next.
  7. On the next page, you will be asked to select the location you want for your OneDrive local copies, select the location you have created in Step 1 one folder up. So that means select the folder that contains the OneDrive Folder, in our case ‘C:\Online Storage’.
  8. You will be prompt that the Folder already exist. Click ‘Use this Location’, then click Next.
  9. On the next Page, select ‘All files and folders on my OneDrive’ and let OneDrive Synchronize.

Now move the files that was downloaded from both OneDrive and Google Drive to syncronize both OneDrive and Google Drive.

Note: You may encounter synchronizing error from Google Drive regarding .lock file, the .lock the file is a file being used in OneDrive.